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View from Villa 3

Sunset view from Ocho Cascadas


This is the view of the Sunset from Villa 3 at Ocho Cascadas in Puerto Vallarta.

We have returned from our trip to Puerto Vallarta to see the newly remodeled, enhanced Ocho Cascadas.   It is simply one of the most awe inspiring projects that you could ever imagine.  Seriously.

Mark Giddings and the Giddings family have almost completed this spectacular project,  the enhancement of one of the best known architectural accomplishments in Mexico.   It is a magical property and setting, and the trip to Puerto Vallarta reminded us  of Old Mexico.   Ocho Cascadas is located in the Zona Romantica, really the original Puerto Vallarta.

The photos below show details of the finishes, the landscaping, the new pools, and Jacuzzi.   The bedrooms have all been air conditioned, the new elevator has been added for easy access to each Villa.

We have also included photos of the Art Walk, the Malecon, and some of the local restaurants and sites that you will enjoy when you visit.

Villa 8

This is the view from Villa 8

Mark Giddings

Mark Giddings at explaining details of Villa 3

David and Mark Giddings

David and Mark at Ocho Cascadas


The view from Villa 8 looking down towards the completed unit, which is Villa 3, shows the concept of Cascading pools.  Every one of the Villas has a private pool.

Three bedroom pool and jacuzzi

Master Bedroom of Villa 3

View of the Bay,

Jacuzzi in Villa 3 at Sunset.

Villa 3 with details

Villa 3 Detail, Pool and Landscaping


The bedrooms have all been air conditioned, enclosed in Glass.  The Landscaping is Native to the Jungles of Vallarta.  The Jacuzzi hosts a breathtaking view.

Malecon Art Gallery

Gallery above Oscars Restaurant

Malecon on Sunday

Malecon in Puerto Vallarta.

Art Galleries in Puerto Vallarta

One of the many Art Galleries on the Malecon.


The Malecon is the center for activity and packed with great restaurants, Art Galleries, coffee shops, and great beaches, and families enjoying the amenities.

Marble and Granite

View from Villa 9 at the New Ocho Cascadas.

We have designed an exceptionally unique and easy program to help you experience this resort.  We only have nine units at this project, and we are closed for maintenance for the month of September.

This means that there will only be about 300 members in the whole Club.  Some people will buy two consecutive, others will go twice a year, we are encouraging people to buy early and take advantage of the best pricing and availability.

Those who choose to get involved before the opening in November will be eligible for the ‘pre construction’ discounting.  For example:  Villa 9 in High Season is priced at $40,805.00.   With the discount package, you would only pay $28,674.00 including closing. This gives you the week you want, the price you want, and the unit you want.  It’s gets better.

This is called the “inspection” trip.   We realize that many people have not been the area in some time, so we are offering the following special.    If you decide to do an inspection trip, you would select the Villa and week, lock in the price, and give us a $2,500.00 down payment, and book your trip to stay at the resort.  You sign all of the contracts for the purchase.   You also sign a ‘subject to inspection’ addendum which stipulates that if you do not like the project, or the area, for any reason, the we will refund you $1,000.00 from the $2,500.00 deposit.

We have sold 52 of these intervals at that time, so there are only 250 or so remaining.   The question is if we believe that there are 300 individuals who have already visited Club Cascadas de Baja, who would want to own an interval at Ocho Cascadas.   I think that there are.   Please contact me at your earliest convenience and I can send you the pricing for each unit, and the inventory Grid.

Best regards,   Rory

rory@cascadaslegacy.com   Toll Free number 800 846 5571


Club Cascadas de Baja Maintenance and Upgrades 2013.   24 comments

Giddings Family

Left to Right, Mark Giddings, Patricia Giddings, David Giddings.

Club Cascadas de Baja in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, one of the most prestegious and well known resorts in Mexico, continues to upgrade and maintain the property each year.

Pictured left to right, Mark, Patricia and David Giddings are on site to over-see the maintenance for weeks 37 and 38.   One of the big jobs that is being done this year is to upgrade the pool deck at the Tortuga pool at the front of the resort and add new Terra Cotta tile and enlarge the patio area.

With this new pool area we will have additional space for more tables on the deck area, more lounge chairs around the pool deck and easier traffic flow for all of the members.

Maintenance weeks 2013

New Tortuga Pool Deck Construction

This is a huge task as you can imagine!   There are forty workers on this one area.  All of the original concrete had to be removed.   Then a new sub base had to be added,  new drainage and electric conduit was installed and the whole area had to be leveled and compacted.

The photo to the right shows the area that has been prepared for concrete with a plastic sealer and the rebar mesh in place ready for the new concrete sub base, then the tile will be added.

New pool lounge chairs and cushions will finish off this project.  It will be a great addition for all of the members and offer more space for lounging, soaking up the  sun and having a Margarita or two at the swim up bar!

Coconut and Date Palms.

All the Palms trees are cleaned and trimmed.

We have over 150 palm trees at Club Cascadas de Baja, most of them very mature palms.   Many of you have seen the gardening staff at the Club working on these over the years.   While we have the chance during the maintenance weeks, we brought in a lift that makes it much easier than climbing up and down that ladder!

During this two week period, all of the mature palms will be trimmed and cut back, debarked and harvested.   Many new plants will be added to enhance the Tortuga pool area and the general grounds.   In addition we have added the following.

  • New doors and windows in many of the two bedroom units.
  • New and extended Palapa over the restaurant area.  New BBQ Grill.
  • New Air conditioning units in several of the units.  These new models are much more energy efficient, and much quieter as well.
  • New Bedroom in the Magdalena units on the ground floor.
  • Painting of all the Villas, Chairs and Tables, hand railings.
  • New cushion covers for all of the units that have built-in couches.
  • Alibaster bowls and rich dark brown tile in many of the bathrooms.
  • Granite counter tops in the Las Palmas Villas.
Las Palmas

Granite Counter tops in the Las Palmas Villas

Las Palmas

Alibaster bowls and Rich brown tile in bathrooms.

The photo on the left shows the changes to that we have added to the  bathrooms of the Estrella units.  The rich dark brown tile and the sunken Onyx bowl is the style that will be introduced throughout the resort, it is a rich finish that will endure for many years.   This finish will be a consistent standard feature as we continue to renovate and improve each Villa.

The photo on the far right shows the new Counter top island feature that is introduced to the Las Palmas Villas.  This “Island” in the kitchen will provide lots of space for food preparation, and this Granite finish will be used in all of the kitchen counters and in the bathrooms of the Las Palmas Villas.   The new bathrooms and kitchen finishes give a really fresh updated feel to these Villas.   These unit are becoming more popular each year because of the elevator access, and the privacy that they offer.  New Air conditioners will also be added.

It is amazing just how much work is done in the limited period of time, two weeks, 100 construction workers, 20 painters, countless helpers, and the Giddings family on site working side by side with local artisans to compete the detials that make Club Cascadas the best resort in Mexico.    We are excited to return to work!   One more week and we are back for our new season with many new and exciting things to show you during your vacation this year.   Many of you will be bringing guests this year, please have them drop by the sales office for a special gift, and we have a referral gift for you as well!   Remember, Legacy pricing and fresh pricing on some of the larger Villas will be going up in October!    We only have a few weeks left in the new inventory in Casa Giddings, and we are now accepting trades on the remaining inventory.

Please contact any of us in the sale department with any questions you may have.   Here is the link to the Sales Staff.

Ocho Cascadas Is Back! The Legacy Continues.   1 comment

Icon in Puerto Vallarta

View from the Penthouse at Ocho Cascadas

Ocho Cascadas in Puerto Vallarta is one of the Iconic monuments to Old Vallarta.

Built in the 1980’s by Architect Edward Paul Giddings, this exclusive resort is being remodeled by Pat Giddings and the Giddings family reopening in March of 2014.

In 1980, this resort was featured on the cover of Architectural Digest Magazine.   It is recognized today as an Icon of the area and a reminder of the Vallarta of old, movies stars, romance and rejuvenation.

Time Share was a new concept in the 80’s and the weeks sold very quickly, with 400 families owning all of the inventory at the resort.    With only ten Villas, there was less than 500 weeks available for sale at this Club.

Now, over thirty years later, the resort has closed for a full year, and will reopen in March of 2014, refurbished and air conditioned and ready for the next generation of owners.

IMG 6421 ABR04abrt h5

Each Villa features a private pool, the ultimate retreat for family and friends.

The whole package is just spectacular.

  • The view to Banderas Bay
  • The privacy of your own pool
  • Located in the heart of the Art District
  • Private Chef on Site
  • Elevator Access to all Villas

Julius Shulman, arguably the best Architectural Photographer ever, described Ocho Cascadas as “Living inside a Sculpture.”  It is truly a unique property wrapping itself around the guests.   It is like living in a marble tree house.   It is open to the world yet private and intimate at the same time.

The challenge that faces the Giddings family is to enhance the existing building, but not to alter the integrity of the original architectural design.

The infrastructure, plumbing, electrical, counter tops, pool finishing and tile work will all be upgraded.

Villa 4 Ocho Cascadas (22)

Last year Mark Giddings completed Villa four as a model unit,  incorporating many of the design elements and materials that will be used throughout the property.

The bedrooms have been upgraded with a specially designed glass wall that encloses the bedrooms, but does not block the light or stop the natural breeze during the day.

At this time we are taking deposits on the weeks and units, we have 40 deposits to date.

$2500.00 USD will lock in your week and unit and guarantee pre-construction  pricing.  There are only 450 weeks for sale at this remarkable property.

Check out the interview with Pat and Mark Giddings.   Giddings Interview.

For More information on Pricing and Availability, please contact your agent at Club Cascadas de Baja.  Sales agents or comment on this post.

Club Cascadas de Baja Maintenance weeks 2012!   18 comments

maintenace with David

David Giddings on site during Maintenance this year.

Club Cascadas de Baja in Cabo San Lucas is the only resort in the area, that actually closes down for two weeks every year for scheduled maintenance.

Weeks 37 and 38, in September, the entire resort looks like an ant hill with literally hundreds of workers engaged in all manner of improvements for the property.

Led by Mrs. Giddings who is on site for the two week period along with Mark Giddings and David Giddings, the Giddings family is here  for 14 days to ensure that the upgrades and additions go smoothly.

The Maintenance for the year is a very well thought out scenario, that begins for the next year, the day we open in week 39.   Daniel Holzkan our resort Manager, Trading Places, your Management company and the Giddings family plan during the whole year for that two week period of time that we are closed for Maintenance.

Pictured right is David Giddings helping out the landscaping team, we replaced and added several palms.

new roof

Perla 14 and 15 get a new roof!

This is an example of the extent of the work that is done every year.   The roofs of Perla 14 and Perla 15 were completely replaced, as well as the addition of a new full sized bed in the ground floor “studio” section of these Perla units.

Not an easy task, putting a roof on a Villa.  Each roof takes almost two weeks to install.   The crews that does this work are specialized artisans, in a craft that is handed down through multiple generations of family.  These artisans are called “Palaperos”

We added new bathrooms to the middle floor of Perla’s 2, 3 and 4.   A huge feature for the present owners and the Legacy owners.   Perla 14, 15, and 9 are scheduled to have the new bathrooms added next  year.

In addition we refinished Margarita 12, with new doors and windows, and a new Jacuzzi, finished in Pebble Tech, which has a 100 year guarantee.   These new changes on the units will ensure the

Medano Beach

Palapa and Palm Tree

Club remains in pristine condition with no need for major Capital expenditures when the Club is turned over to the Members.

The new materials being used in the Villas are remarkable.  Durable and earthy.   Mark Giddings and the Giddings family have done a wonderful job of upgrading the resort, without compromising the original architectural integrity of  Mr. Giddings dream.

As we go into high season, we look forward to seeing everyone this year, until week 37 comes around next year.   We are sure you will notice the improvements to the property and the commitment of the developer.

The Sales Program is doing very well.  Remember Legacy pricing will go up in October, so if you have not yet considered the Legacy, now is a good time.   Also the weeks in Casa Giddings are selling well, we still have good inventory available in both the six bedroom Casa del Rey and the Villa Sol.

We have some great new incentives for the upcoming season!   Please contact your sales agent at the link below.  We will help you plan your vacation needs long into the future.

Contact your agent  Watch for a surprise package in the Mail!

We have updates weekly on line, sign up.    “Like” us on Facebook 

Club Cascadas de Baja is the new Cabo Vacation Home.   2 comments

Club Cascadas de Baja

Casa del Rey comes with a private beach

Years ago, many people would tell us how much they wanted to buy a home on the beach in Cabo to have as the family vacation home.   Great address.  Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico!

Now, with the new econonmy and housing prices being much less than they were in 2004, it is interesting that the sales in vacation homes has not really bounced back to what it was.   The average use of a full time residence in Cabo, by an non retired owner is …..22 Days a year.

Even with the home price being a very good value at the new economically adjusted pricing, you have to consider that the HOA fees have to be paid every month.   We have had several owners buy multiple weeks at the Club.   Many owners have chosen this over the idea of owning a full time residence in Los Cabo, and they sight the following reasons.

“A full time residence may not be right on Medano Beach..Club Cascadas has a great location”

“Club Cascadas has a great restaurant, room service, daily maid service, emergency services if I or my family has urgent need of help”

“It is secure, gated, private”    …. and “I know everyone at the Club during the time that I am vacationing  so I have friends to visit with all the time, it is an exceptionally friendly environment”


Casa Del Rey, second floor pool.

Let’s review some options that may interest you.  Here are three options that will surprise you as alternatives to owning a full time residence at Club Cascadas de Baja.   Remember these are just examples, we have many more options to choose from, it is all fixed time, in fixed units.

Arco 1 two bedroom Ocean Front with a Jacuzzi sleep six:  4 consecutive weeks in the summer weeks 33, 34, 35, 36;  $136,590.00 with an annual maintenance fee of $4,716.00.  Starts next year…. one month a year….forever…on the beach…in Cabo.

Escondido 17 weeks 34, 35, 36 two bedroom near center pool.  2000 square feet.  Sleeps six.  First year of use is 2013.  $60,299.00  Annual fees are $2,625.00.  21 days every year, forever.


We have a four week package in our new Villa Sol available.  One month, $501,425.00 with fees of $9,768.00  Three bedroom, with pool and Jacuzzi.  One month forever.

If you have a really large family then Casa del Rey is an option.  We have a four week package in the six bedroom Casa del Rey.   First year of use is not until 2013.   Six bedroom 15,500 square feet, two pools, jacuzzi, private beach.  $682,864.00 with annual fees of $19,960.00.  Weeks 42,43,44 and 45.  October and November.   Private beach, forever.

Here is another option for those that are approaching retirement.  Perlita 15.  One bedroom sleeps four.   Weeks 15,16,17, 18  starts in 2018.  Current fees are $1,924.00 but are not paid until you start using the inventory.    Full price $40,512.00.   One month forever.

These are just a few examples of the options that are available for you to consider.  Please contact me or your sales representative on site to see if we have multiple week package that suits your needs.    Club Cascadas de Baja is your new vacation home!

Interesting Facts about the Cascadas Legacy   Leave a comment


Photo of Club Cascadas de Baja taken from the water. 1986

Club Cascadas de Baja in 1986, taken from a fishing boat departing from shore.

We have used this photo before in our articles.  The most amazing part of the photos is the lack of any other development to the left or right of  the Club.

Many of the members remember those days when the resort was being finished and Cabo was no more than a fishing village.  We had one stop light, which was never turned on, most of the roads were not paved which did not really matter because there were not many cars!

At that time, most of the building materials that were used were coming from the mainland.  Mrs. Giddings and her gardener used to travel through the streets of Cabo San Lucas looking for Palm trees for the property.

In 2002, the Giddings family designed the Legacy program.   This was a very unique ownership package where the Club was actually sold to the membership from 2017 to in perpetuity.    With this new program in place the members were able to design vacation packages which would meet their  future vacation needs.

As families grew so did their needs and the second generation of owners started accumulating inventories that met the needs of their expanding families.


Casa Del Rey, second floor pool.

Now 25 years later we have multiple generations of families purchasing additional inventory to accommodate the needs of family and friends.

We see members are committed, more than ever, to the concept of a family vacation.   At least one week a year, for multiple family members.  This was never more evident than in week 27 of this year.  Normally a very busy time for the Club because school is out and the whole family is vacationing.  In week 27, we had 225 people on the property.

The people that were here during that week included:

11 families

Staying in a total of 32 Villas

Totaling 138 individuals.     That is a Legacy!!


The Master. Don Chencho   Leave a comment

Pedro Patino and ‘Don’ Chencho

Master Construction Foreman Sr. ‘Don’ Chencho retired in Cabo San Lucas, after a long carrer working on both Ocho Cascadas in Puerto Vallarta and Club Cascadas de Baja in Cabo San Lucas.

Ed Gididngs, architect and developer of both properties,  first hired this ‘young man’ in the mid 70’s when Mr. Giddings was designing and building private homes in Vallarta.   This was a working relationship that started as Mentor / Apprentice, but blossomed into deep a friendship, with a tremendous respect for each others talent.

When the Giddings family completed the building of Ocho Cascadas in Puerto Vallarta, Ed Giddings invited Chencho to move his family to Cabo San Lucas to begin work on Club Cascadas de Baja.  Club Cascadas was going to be the first resort built right on beautiful Medan Beach.

Over the next six years, Chencho supervised much of the building of Club Cascadas de Baja, and the Giddings private, beach front residence, Casa Giddings.  while Chencho was building Club Cascadas, his wife was building her own food service business in Cabo as well.   When the building at Cascadas came to an end, Chencho and his wife stayed in Cabo to enjoy their retirement years.

When the Giddings Family embarked on the remodeling of Casa Giddings and the addition of Villa Sol to the building, they sought out the expertise and passion of their old friend Don Chencho, to bring his magic.   Pictured here is Don Chencho with Pedro Patino from the Sales department at Club Cascadas. The photograph above was taken at the Grand Opening of Casa Giddings and Villa del Sol.  He had come back to the place that he had built with Ed Giddings many years ago.

Ocho Pools

The famous pools of Ocho Cascadas. Nine private swimming pools cascading into the pool below. Eight waterfalls….Ocho Cascadas…

Ocho Cascadas – The Next Chapter

Ocho Cascadas is an architectural icon in the city of Puerto Vallarta.   It was one of the first and finest timeshare resorts in all of Mexico.   It won the AIA top Award for it’s architectural design and free flowing feel.  Beginning next year, beautiful Club Ocho is shutting down for a full year.

Mark and Pat Giddings will begin work on extensive enhancements to Ocho Cascadas.   In addition to the infrastructure such as plumbing and electricity, every Villa will be re designed with air conditioning in the bedrooms, upgraded kitchens, bathrooms and totally new furniture and appliances.

And to complete the circle, Don Chencho has agreed to move back to Puerto Vallarta next year to work alongside Mark Giddings to enhance the property Mark’s father built 30 years ago.

Ocho Cascadas in PV

Mark Giddings, Chencho and David Tinoco

Who better to work on this project than The Master: Don Chencho?

Pictured here, Mark Giddings, Don Chencho and architect David Tinoco.  David worked with Mark to redesign the Palmas building at Club Cascadas, and to draw out the plans for the enhancement of Casa Giddings.

What a tribute to the talent of one individual who has spanned two generations to keep the Art and Architecture of Architect Edward Paul Giddings alive.

Ocho Cascadas in Puerta Vallarta

From Right to Left: Patricia Giddings, Mark Giddings and Dave Stoenner in the Penthouse at Ocho Cascadas in Puerto Vallarta. Planning the next 50 years!

At the planning meeting for the remodel of Ocho Cascadas, from right to left, Pat Giddings, Mark Giddings and Sales Director Dave Stoenner.

In 1980, Ocho Cascadas de Baja was on the cover of Architectural Digest Magazine.    Over 30 years later the architecture that Mr. Giddings brought to the world is now being revitalized by Pat and Mark Giddings and their team of Artisans and builders.

Check us out on Facebook

Web site. The Giddings Company

We look forward to seeing your comments in the near future.

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